Walter Matia

“I am a hunter, a fisherman, a bird watcher, a book collector, a lover of natural history curiosities, an undisciplined dog trainer, and some say, a good game cook. I enjoy these passions-which have their own rewards; but they also provide the narratives of my art. I am not searching for more facts, they can be had in abundance from secondary sources; I am trying to understand the whole sense of a place.

I am a representational artist. I am not documenting or illustrating specific events; I am re-presenting them. I see things in the wild. I then select shapes and organize the masses, lines and negative spaces into sculpture. I balance well known narratives with my personal compositional interpretations. My goal is to edit the details down to the artistic essentials.

The sculptures in this show represent my work of the last five years. The broader themes will be familiar to many of you; game birds, bird dogs and the occasional natural history oddity. They are what I have edited from the hours of following good dogs, sitting patiently in turkey woods, freezing through January marsh sunrises, and just drinking in the wonders of the natural world. They are my sense of place.”

Walter Matia is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society, a winner of their Gold and Bronze Medals at their Annual Exhibitions; a recipient of the Red Smith Award from the National Museum of Wildlife Art, the Fraser and Pittman Awards from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Center and most recently the Norris Foundation Award for sculpture from the Autry National Center. He lives in Maryland with his wife Pam, children, Helen and Charlie and two sort of trained duck dogs.